E01 - Once Upon A Moment- A short love story

A Short Love Story – Once Upon A Moment (E01) ?

Hi lovely, being a really long time i must say! And i totally apologize for not keeping you updated with great contents like this one i’m about to share with you in a moment. I decided to go off for while as i just felt like i wasn’t productive enough because i kept on multi-tasking and doing literally everything at the same time!

Well, i’m back and this time, I will keep you posted with amazing contents of your interests every fortnight. So here is a short love story for you based on a true life story; do you remember My Secret Love Letters” series that i wanted to begin? Here is the first episode, click this link to check out all about the romantic love short stories I have for you.

Have you ever (maybe just once) imagined how you would eventually meet your LOML, your beloved, your prince charming or your princess charming? I know i have☺, and i never for once thought it would play out like it did here

Every story has its twists and turns and so does every relationship, marriage, situationship and so on! However, some twists and turns are just worth the wait, don’t you agree?

Without further ado, here is the link to the first podcast episode of “my secret love letters” in spoken word poetry about a short love story where ONCE UPON A MOMENT was the beginning of a romantic love journey and experience, do enjoy!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment when you do enjoy it (’cause I know you will?)!

4 thoughts on “A Short Love Story – Once Upon A Moment (E01) ?”

  1. An interesting love story indeed.
    That was a good one twinning.
    Life will always bring to us certain experiences , however knowledge is the key to keep winning.

    1. Hi Oluchi, i really appreciate your comment, and yes indeed you are right! I will keep that in mind!

      Hope you keep up with the next episodes cos they will be better!!!

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