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[GIST]How Far That Your High School Sweetheart?

High school sweetheart Story,

I can barely remember the full story of my own high school lover.

However, let me take you back to the past and walk you down memory lane and back to your high school or secondary school once again. You ready?

I am a Nigerian girl and I’m presently in my university level. With this said, I can beat my chest and tell you that the time spent in secondary school or high School was the very best, no lies.

Who knew life would get so tough and difficult as you grew older. So, before I take you through this memory lane, quick question; are you and that you’re special high School lover still together?

If yes, wow that’s amazing?❤️, I’m happy for you.  And if no, no pressure lovely, you are not alone.

If you are seeing this and you are still in your high school level, no problem just know that if you have a crush or high school lover it will not last forever, no be curse o.


So, i had a project in school one time, we were asked to group ourselves and go to at least three secondary schools to observe how the teachers were teaching their students. Man it was really stressful, boring and exhausting.

But, that is not the main issue as I actually gained from the whole experience. I walked through the fields of one of the public schools i visited (which was so unkempt?) and saw a girl sitting in the middle of the field, relaxing after the close of hours when suddenly a boy jumped on her playfully trying to tell her off as she looked moody. 

I smiled and remembered, oh, those old good days when everyone in school wanted to get a taste of love. Back then it was as if love was always sharking everybody??. Everyone was literally hungry for Love and wanted to explore their options and get gifts every valentine and others just wanted the popularity.

funny meme

Well, when I was in school I made a promise to myself that I would not date anybody until I was 16 years old. And I actually met that promise 🙂 and stay single throughout my high School. Though, I had crush(s)?. However, this crushes of mine never gave me face and all my shorts fell on deaf ears. 

And when one even tried to shoot his shot, i go spoil show.

He met with some of my friends and made plans with them. But I was too aware of it that when he came to eventually ask me out, he said,”hey, Winifred…” he called out my name but, i suddenly shunned him by saying something out of nowhere which may have completely destroyed his already set out plan or whatever but, the guy did not repeat himself again. I messed up big time.

He just walked out and gave up… ??. At that point I didn’t even care.

Chaii, if to say i agree now and I no fumble shebi i for get boo too?

Chaii, na me fuck up o because I still dey single till now. 

So, does high school sweetheart last forever?

My dear reader nothing last forever except God ??. I guess that’s one way to answer the question.

But, I have heard of many relationships that have being going on for 15 years and more and they eventually got married. While others dated throughout six years of high school and still broke up after everything.

After all the stress, gifts, grand gestures, investments and more they still broke up. So please it is alright to stay single if you want to, don’t pressure yourself because everybody is in one relationship or the other. 

And if you are still with your high-school sweetheart just hold am tight before person go just take am from you. Me i don talk finish. Abeg, no vex if you no get high school sweetheart those days o even now, it’s well! 

Just stay safe, be happy lovely ❤️!

Smile ???, and have a great week ahead! 

P.S. Are you still with your high school sweetheart? If no, what happened, why did you guys call it off? If yes, tell me your story. How has it been now? I will like to continue the conversation with you, so feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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