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About Me

I'm A Certified Relationship And Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, Blogger.

As a relationship and life coach, I go the extre miles of helping my clients solve issues relating to life and when there is life, there is heart and it's matters.

And it’s okay to not open up immediately as my client (from my lovers community), its totally fine. with about 20 years of experience, learning and reading, unlearning and advising/counselling people around me, I will ensure you, lover, finds that sense of freedom and trust in me in order to feel free and open up.

In order words, you are welcome anytime to talk to contact me anytime. Let’s be friends! And don’t forget to, Be Happy, Smile 🙂

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I am available for

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One-on-One Counseling

Sometimes you don’t always feel comfortable or confident talking to the people in our lives.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, your emotions, worries, and stress can seem like too much to offload on a friend. 

That’s where talk counselling can help; one-on-one therapy allows you to speak to someone in confidence. 

And that’s why I’m here for you 🙂

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Best-Selling Books

My Best-Selling Books are well available to you, to help you grow closer to the people you love: your marriage, family to enable you smile more and be happy. 

20,000+ copies of these books have being sold, with incredible reviews from people all over the world. You too can get a copy now! 

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Love Talks On Podcasts

With my 10+ years of experience in relationship and life coaching, I travel around the country holding stage shows and talks, helping and counselling singles, couples, families on several interesting, important counselling topics.