Happy July?! Crush Your Goals: Beat Inaction, Take Action Now!

To be honest dear reader, I know it would have being much easier to just cook up some article about one thing or the other for you to read from ChatGpt AI or some other technical genius out in the world but I thought to make this more personal.

Let it be my thoughts you read and my “prompts” that entertains or educate you about a thing or two as we proceed into a new and exciting news!

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Yes? I’m glad you think so 🙂

Man, I have got a lot to tell you about (I mean, my last post was since April 4th – such a long time) but, first HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOUUU DEAR READER ??!

How have you truly being? I mean it’s already the half of the year; 6 months gone like the speed of light swoosh ?

How is your “new year resolution and goals” coming along now ?? Hope goal never go?


I know how life can be – trust me. One moment you are feeling pumped about doing great things and being that person you truly want to be and the next you just want to lazy around, binge watch your favourite shows and DO NOTHING.

Until you look up at the clock and see that 6months is already fast spent then you start trying to “do your best” to catch up with the thought of “I’m not getting any younger” or “time is not enough” etc

Well, that’s life Yes?

But, I am not here right now to motivate you (as you get that all the time already) or remind you of what you already know ?… I am just here to give you that quick WAKE UP CALL.

And tell you, aunty abi uncle, INACTION LEADS TO DEATH and no matter how long you may think time has gone.

You can still do that which you want, you can still ACHIEVE THAT AND MORE in less than 6months and make this year your BEST.


How you may ask:

  • Get up your sorry a.s.s and GET TO WORK – It’s a new day and no matter the matter right now, make the most of it. Smile, be hard working and if you need help with MANAGING YOUR TIME MORE, pick up the book known as Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy (you’ll thank me later or not?).
  • 10X your GOALS – it is true that may not have achieved much in the past 6months but its never too late, you can STILL make it a fabulous year. Seek help, find a friend, senior or mentor who basically know and have done what you want to do before and learn from him/her by following his/her every direction. You are made for MORE, pick up the book known as 10X RULE by Grant Cardone and take everyday in ACTION.
  • Prioritize Your Mindset – everyone’s got some potential in a skill or talent and could really be THE GREATEST if they just knew how to channel there talent or get started on something that would improve there skill. Including YOU. So, prioritize your mindset. Being a RICH person someday starts from your MIND – if you believe YOU CAN then YOU WILL. So, change your mindset with the book known as Secret of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker or literally any other book out there.

Lol, these are just a few books that have changed my life for the better and you can be NEXT 🙂

I know you’d be like, Winnie, but you said you didn’t want to “motivate us or remind us of where we’re at” well, many times… (I don’t know what to say now) yeah, yeah, you caught me ?.

Gif from Tenor

I just love to share my stories, experiences with you and know that some way, somehow, you are taking something out of it.

In summary, I am back for you and you and you (lol, I know it’s just you ?) and thank you for always being here with me.

We go bigger for sure because even I need a little push sometimes and I got some when a few several people asked me recently (last week or so) about my blog – what happened?

That, though it may be true that they don’t always have the time to click the article link shared to them but they always see it and know that I’m there.

Well, thank you (fans) for acknowledging my blog and low-key missing me… well, I sure missed you too ?☺.

Till I come your way again (for sure this time), next week, stay jiggy?? and don’t forget to be happy… smile ??.

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