9 Ways To Get Over Emotional Exhaustion And Stress.


Emotional Exhaustion is literally when you are emotionally worn out or burnout. It is not a sickness, a disease, or whatnot. In fact, it is very common in your society today among humans (obviously).  

This emotional exhaustion makes you feel worn out and drained as a result of accumulated stress,

Fatigue, sleepless nights, and more from either you’re personal or work lives.

And whenever this happens, you feel frustrated when things are not going your way, you may also get angry, tired, depressed, anxious, sad, and much more, and you may just start crying because of the overwhelming predicament you’re in.

when you try asking for help or assistance in that trapped or stuck situation you may be in,

people don’t get it and as a result of that, they may ignore you.

Emotional exhaustion can really affect all areas of your life, personal life, like your relationships with your partner, family and friends, your academics, and even your business, workplace, that is, your job or work performance and even your health could be permanent damage.


When you are exhausted emotionally, even your emotional intelligence and mind could grow numb or poor.

Lack of motivation, lack of energy, and poor sleep (insomnia) could really make getting over-emotional exhaustion difficult however, it’s not impossible. You too can be helped without being shame or disgraced.

Also, sometimes when you are you just work, work, and work but somehow nothing goes through and you feel so frustrated that you just want to give up,

Sometimes you are so exhausted you just start crying for no particular reason(s).

Honestly lovely, it is very okay to cry it’s because you’ve been strong for too long and you just need rest.

And whenever you feel so, you can always feel free to talk to me. I won’t bite, criticize or judge you (promise.) Just think of me as one of your close friends, because I’m here for you.


On Thursday, the 14th of Oct 2021,

I was given the opportunity to attend a business seminar and in this event, many people came from far and wide, the organizers of the business seminar were giving out cheques to our bosses in the business, from the little boss to the biggest boss.

Some of the cheques given ranged from 1000 naira to millions of naira. And they are to be receiving it every month from henceforth. In fact, when I heard some of the cheques amounts my mouth grew wide open, I was beyond shocked. Like how is that even possible?


While these people came out to receive their package, they had the opportunity to tell their back story. And I mean these stories were not at all pleasant but they sure were inspiring.

Especially these ones; This man was celebrated for just stepping up his network to NEW DIRECTOR, exciting right but he said, “I joined this work at a very weird point in my life. I was supposed to graduate with my fellow mates after our last year of study but I had to carryover a particular course again for another one year.”

“Everyone around said, ‘you’re carrying over just one course for another year, that is a failure na. You’ve failed.’ I thought about what this particular person said for a whole day, it disturbed me and indeed I knew that if I just stayed in school to repeat a particular course which I failed, then that would be a complete waste of time and energy.”

He continues, “Then, I was given the opportunity to come into this work, and though it was tough to get back on my feet and the road was and still is full of crushed bottles, every piece was worth it.

Because now I’m here as a director, if I had given up and didn’t pick myself up when I felt emotionally exhausted and drained, I wouldn’t be here now ”.

He dropped the microphone as everyone clapped for him. Inspiring story, right?


It is true that nothing good comes easy.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for their is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.”

(Ecclesiastes 9:10)

So, even if you must do that work, you’ve to know how to keep on going no matter what because, “ you should not stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”

However, it is inevitable to not feel frustrated at one point or the other. Especially when you hear negative words, or meet people with low mindset (in fact most people in general,) and other factors.

What to do when you notice the signs of emotional exhaustion?

At this point if no one motivates you, you’ve got to motivate yourself as in the end you will be proud to know you accomplished that great work and therefore changed the world in your own little or grand way.

Take a walk outside:

Yeah, you read that right. Take a walk outside, away from the stress, away from that frustrating job or task. And just a walk, whether a short or long one; get some fresh air, breathe and just smile. Look at the world in front of you, how peaceful yet imperfect it is.

Forget your job and stress or that task you’ve been trying to get through but it just hasn’t been giving you your desired results, for a moment. And break free from its bondage.

Yes, I know it wouldn’t be easy, nothing good comes easy, but trying goes a long way and that’s all you need.

Listen to your favorite music:

Music is termed as the perfect exit from all sorts of emotional exhaustion from so many I have personally asked. Whether, you just feel sad, depressed, burnout, or drained, music and I mean the right ones just get you. It could comfort you and really understand what you’re going through.

And why is that? Well, music is not as demanding and critical as your boss so feel free to always escape the world’s trouble (wahala) with your favorite songs. And if you feel like dancing your heart out to the tune of the music, please do so like no one’s watching and don’t be apologetic about it.

Pray To God:

It is true that the LORD indeed is the comforter of all. There’s nothing  He doesn’t know you are going through so cast your cares on Him, cry to Him, and pour your heart out to Him in prayer and trust that He will answer you and grant you all of your requests; peace and rest.

KEY points:
  • Take a break from everything: from your work or your personal activities, and just rest. Maybe you could take a break by going on a vacation, relaxing and just recharging.
  • Remove or eliminate the stressor: This surely will not be easy as it demands that you get rid of what so ever is stressing you out. For instance, if your workplace is the cause of the stress then consider changing your job, company, or branch of that same company. Even though some people are managing the job just fine and can even mange the stress, you cannot and it’s not your fault. Not everyone can do or carry out the same amount of tasks daily. People are different and so are you.
  • Begin to eat healthy meals: Having or eating the right kind of meals daily that is, balanced diet is really a great way to relieve you of the stress. You were stressed and that is why you keep on munching only ice-cream and ramen every day. So eat healthy now, grains, legumes, carbohydrates, fats and oil and other classes. Balance them and eat healthy.

Get good sleep: I know what you might be thinking right now and that is you might be saying, “I told you couldn’t get much sleep as a sign now you’re telling me to get good sleep? How? Well, sleep is important for your physical and emotional health, so it’s very necessary. Now, how? Simple! All you have to do is limit your caffeine intake, plan your bed time and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Too much you say? It is very necessary for your health and work performance.

Talk to a friend: Talking to a friend whether face to face or not can really help improve and relieve your stress. All your friend has to do is listen to you and not necessarily fix your issues or answer your questions. Spending quality time with your very good friend can really make you feel happy and better all of a sudden especially when you guys end up doing something you love together.

  • Take a walk down and visit a professional: Like a doctor or therapist. Because the expert knows better and is really in the best position to talk and help you through this tough time. The professional, whether a therapist or a family doctor has all the tools you need to work through this overworked and emotionally exhausting period of your life so trust him or her.

Anyway, if you are ever feeling emotionally exhausted because of one thing or the other, I hope you get over it with these few tips of mine. For now lovely, have a great day today and a wonderful week ahead. Be happy, smile!

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  1. Oh my God… this is life saving… thank you, thank you, thank you. Emotional exhaustion sometimes make one feel like it’s the end of the world… breaking free makes you see that there’s a world outside your current situation and it’s beautiful….
    Thank you… SignatureSmile?☺️?


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