BLOG OF THE WEEK: How I Met My Future Husband ?.

Hey lovely, (sighs) how are you doing today? I really hope you had a great week last week. Also, I want you to know that I ask this question so that you (yes you dear,) could feel free with me as I open up to you and tell you my deepest and lovely moments to even the most annoying ones like the one I’m about to share with you?. You can also contact me privately if you want to.

I may have to be busy all this while to not have updated you on my own journey with love but I never forget.

Life just has its way of keeping you occupied all the time. Anyway, how has your love journey been going? Any new catch yet??? Or are you having one issue or the other? Contact me and let’s talk about it. Together we will solve the situation-ship, okay? Feel free to do so, I’m here for you.


You won’t believe what happened, lovely. Oh, I was furious, curious, and moody at the same time.

Before I dive down to the gist of the week, as a typical female Nigerian even male, did your parents, especially your mother warn you about the opposite sex while growing up?

She would always say (in her voice), “Ada, I never want to see you fondling or being too close to any boy. “You’re a girl! You have to be focused, don’t bring shame into this family by getting an unwanted pregnancy (hmm ??‍♀️.) Then she will add, “if you like to disgrace me, I will just take you to your uncles then straight to the village and leave you there.”

Oh, and God-forbid she catches you with a guy either face to face or talking to one on a phone or he comes to your house to see you, ahh, that’s the end??! Literally, that’s the end of your life, unless your mom is cool about it.

Oh, it was such an experience growing up with a typical African, Igbo woman. You go just dey chop cane up and down if you misbehave anyhow. Well, now that you have this imagination at the back of your head, judge this matter.

—The Main Gist?? —

My mother called me on 18 September 2021 at night. Do you know what she said??

She said and I quote; “Ada, how are you doing?” I said fine, calmly because I didn’t know her next word(s). “Do you remember your colleague, Sarah?” “Yes, mom. What about her” I listened curiously. “Oh, nothing, she’s fine. There’s this her brother that is looking for a wife, she gave your number to him so he will contact you soon.”

“Ehen?!” I exclaimed in shock. “Don’t be too forward or anything dear, just listen to what he has to say then tell him you will get back to him. So, that you want to go and make some inquiries about his background.”

“Inquiries like? ” I wanted to burst out in laughter but because of respect I couldn’t as she was still talking. “Then we will go and seek God’s face and meet the pastors too so that they could pray over the matter.” Oh, that was just the peak of it, I couldn’t hold back my laughter, I blew up instantly almost in? tears. “Mommy are you serious right now?”

Omo, she said yes o. I was beyond shocked. Like I couldn’t believe this was my own mother talking to me about MARRIAGE?. “Mommy, why me?” I didn’t like the thought of the whole matter but wetin man go do? “Okay mom, I have heard you. But, as for all these inquiries and stuff, we no go even reach that stage so don’t stress yourself.”

A few minutes later, we ended the call and I was just speechless and vexed at myself for giving my number to my mom’s colleague. Aah, she gets mind o! The same mother wey tells me to make I no talk or play with boys… hmm.

Like, dear reader, I am just 20 years old, I’m not ready for things like this, and it’s funny my mom even bought the idea and told me about it too, chair, I don suffer!

Even if I was ready and old enough, what happened to the LOVE? They fall in love and are crazy about the person before eventually getting married. Abeg lovely, help me SOLVE THIS SITUATIONSHIP O.

MAIN QUESTION: If you were in my shoes, what will you do? If na you, when you go do o? Abeg tells me o. —BEEP— Ehn, my phone just vibrates, the guy don’t chats me up??‍♀️. ANTICIPATE PART TWO of this love story of mine?. Type NEXT if you want to know what happened NEXT ASAP.

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  1. My God… this is beautiful. I wonder how you’ll feel??.
    This is really amazing I love what you share.

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