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Why Finding “The One” Could Be Sabotaging Your Love Life 💔

Disclaimer: Not fact checked, just my opinion from my experience, enjoy 🤭.

Hi, lovelies 🤭💜, being a minute right? Lo siento, amigo. Estoy aquí ahora 🫶🏼🥹.

I have being sitting at a spot, trying to read my book for an upcoming test that might hold this week but, I couldn’t help thinking about my life – particularly my love life so far.

Which has not been “the greatest” though, but I just wanted to share this with you, my love.

Am I the only one that believes in true love? “Love at first sight, finding “the one” for you and spending forever with them?” And the most beautiful one yet, “growing old with them.”

These are very beautiful quotes and I promise you, I could think of a really good romantic scene from romcom movies, books, songs, animations, you name it, that these stories stood out most.

They were so beautiful, you’d wish it was you🥹.

Well, as my friends would say, “Winifred, your life is NOT A MOVIE, Stopeeet 😅!”

Mahn 💔🥺! I can’t help but wanna be swept off my feet… noh🙃😂?

But, it’s not all wrong, lovely, I know it and I bet you do too.

Therefore, with the grace of God, living on earth for 20 something years now, I have come to realize something’s ain’t true. Like, the talk about “finding the one”… what?!

Finding “the one” true or not?

So, a little back story here…

I have met a few good/bad, crazy/calm guys in the past and it’s being from one lesson to another. One heartbreak and tears to another 🥲, but, hey, it’s okay.

When I was younger, I was not one to think and plan how my wedding would be like, who my bridesmaids would be, what theme color I’d choose for my wedding or even whom I was gonna marry, even now still…

Nah, I am not one to get my hopes high over nothing, or think so far.

Girls, don’t get me wrong, I too, can be such an over thinker and may need reassurances here and then (I mean regularly 😂) but, I tried my best to stay away from such thoughts completely so, I don’t cry more than usual when “he” eventually leaves.

It was my defense mechanism. Sometimes, I’d self sabotage it all and still cry 😂💔.

I was such a mess.

But, my point is…

There isn’t a “the one” for one person.

I mean, you could find a “the one”, feel the sparks fly and electric feeling rush down your spine with a few different people and it’s okay.

Truth is, I thought I too had found “the one” about 2-3 times now and sis, my bruv, nothing yet 😂😂💔.

I am still as Single Pringle as I ever was, but… it’s okay 🙂🫶🏼.

Who is “the one” then?

Here is my true definition of who I think, “the one” truly is.

“The one” is that awesome, unique, (add other qualities you like), that you can put up with, and who can also put up with you.

A person whom out of the rest, gives you peace of mind, whom you enjoy spending time with – never run out of things to say and when you do, silence is still bearable.

The person, you can choose to spend the rest of your life with. To share the journey, for good or for bad to always support each other through it all.

Cos the truth is, it ain’t gonna be easy, my love, you might someday not be able to stand the sight of this person or feel he/she has grown boring 🥱 and all there flaws are now glaring but, it’s still okay.

Remember, you found (and may still be finding) “the one”, cherish every moment of it all, my love cos YOLO (you only live once.

Also, make sure you find a friend in “the one” too, it would go a long way for you, my love 🥹🫶🏼.

And stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to “find the one for you” and just, find these, your friend and don’t forget to pray to God for guidance.

With this, I wish you, a happy week ahead, darling. Be happy and keep smiling 🤭💜!

P.S. What’s your opinion about finding “the one” too? Do you agree or disagree 😊? Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments section below, I’ll be watching 🫶🏼.

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