How To Think Positively – 5 Simple Steps To Take ?.

In sequelΒ to the previous posts or topics I treated last two weeks, today I will also be giving you 5 simple steps on how you can think positively.

Thinking positive all the time may seem impossible to you but you can surely think positive thoughts every single day, no matter how sad, gloomy and unmotivated you feel.

Below Are 5 Simple Ways You Can Think Positively Always.

1. Focus more on the good things of life.

I think the word “focus” here is rather too strong: I mean the act of focusing on a particular thing is hard sometimes. I mean you’d surely get distracted… always.

So, let’s use, “keep your mind open to the good of life”.

Honestly, it’s hard because as humans we tend to focus more on the bad than the good.

For instance, you just got your last semester or last session results you look at it and realize you got straight A’s with just one B instead of you to rejoice over your good grades, you start asking yourself certain negative questions like;

  • But I know this course/subject and I believe I did well… why then did they give a B??
  • “B??” But that’s not fair, I did excellent in this exam.

You start blaming and asking yourself negative questions.

NOTE: In situations like that, look at the bright side; you got started with A’s.

Remind yourself, that you are great and have done well _speak positive words to yourself.

Rejoice _don’t be dismayed, be of good courage. No matter what life throws at you, take it, use it and rise!

2. Identify Your Areas of Negativity.

Whenever you start thinking negative thoughts in your mind try to point out the areas or the reasons why you actually think negative and force yourself to STOP thinking that way. It may seem hard at first but TRYING to change your thinking pattern is what really matters.

3. Practice postive self-talk & positive Imagery

This cannot be over-emphasized honestly. Talking to yourself; telling yourself positive words and declaring good/great things to yourself are important. Especially when you believe it and see those words yourself.

These words help you:

  • BELIEVE that you can actually do anything you set your mind to
  • It gives you the benefits of positive thinking; Growth, Wealth, and Health.
  • It makes you happy and positive-minded about LIFE.

4. Spend more time with positive-minded people

They say, “show me your friend(s) and I will tell you who you are.”


If you in fact want to change your thinking pattern and start thinking positively, CHANGE YOUR GROUP OF FRIENDS.

Start walking and staying around positive-minded people, people that will pull you up when you’re down and in your lowest, people that will motivate you to do more, learn more and unlearn too.

Also, if you do so;

  • It will improve your self-esteem.
  • Increase your chance of reaching your goals and dreams.

And I’m not saying you have to throw away your past group of friends. All i’m saying is SPEND MORE TIME WITH POSITIVE MINDED PEOPLE.

5. Practice Gratitude πŸ™‚

Showing an act of gratitude, thanksgiving, kindness, charity, or helping one or another around you helps

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Foster resilience even in very difficult times
  • And so much more.

Showing gratitude may be as simple as thanking your mother or partner for a meal, thanking your neighbors for always being there _next door, or thanking your pet for being a great companion to you.

Thinking Positive always is great, no matter how difficult it may seem you too can do it.

Be happy, Smile πŸ™‚

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