How To Ask A Lady Out Without Getting Rejected ❤.

Discover 5 secrets (step-by-step) to approaching a lady without being a creep.

Most gentlemen that I know or maybe even generally; they’ve always had one issue or the other in confessing or walking up to pretty ladies around them or fear of rejected

Some say they’re afraid of the ladies, or they’re not quite sure of the words to say first. Either way, they just can’t!

Well, lucky for you, I have a few tips up my sleeve that could surely help you win your lady/crush’s heart without appearing as a creep or nuisance.

WARNING: Indeed, I’m NO expert at this. Nevertheless, I’m a lady too, so, let this be my opinion ?.


It is true that most ladies like myself sometimes appear unapproachable; always with a frown and you as a guy, you’re just not sure whether that is the right time or not, whether she’s emotionally available or not.

Well, I’d just say… TRY! Even with her face appearing like that she might really be in happy land in her head & heart.

So, what you must do…

  • Walk up to her, “Hi”
  • Smile and just talk normally and casually (do not form accents.)

For Instance:

Hi, how are you doing?

(wait for her to respond)

I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room… with a beautiful smile like yours; irresistible!

  • Say something, anything. Be clear and concise.
  • And as you say each word, watch her reactions to know just when to stop.

Remember first impression matters a lot! Don’t forget to smile?!

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Now, before you move on to this stage, make sure you are aware of her every move/reaction if she is not even giving you face… If she’s shooing you away with her like you are a pest, or she’s distracted with her phone or looking elsewhere then just STEP ON THE BREAKS and CHILLAX!

So, if she seems interested in talking to you, be curious, be inquisitive; it helps keep the conversation going, and ask follow-up questions.

TRY! And be honest in your responses, tell her the truth and as you do this, make sure you maintain eye contact; it’s intriguing.

Don’t forget to smile genuinely, and feel free to laugh at her jokes even if you don’t get it??!

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Indeed relationship is just work, work, and more work. However, those married couples who celebrate 30-50 years of marriage were able to do so because they did the “work (effort)”.

So, show effort by just being nice! And who knows you might just get lucky to get her phone number/contact on the first or second day of the meeting.

By being nice, I mean doing little things that matter.

  • Gifts; flowers and more
  • Complimenting her looks
  • Assisting her, etc.


Now, you may have gotten her number already and have started talking all night long, smiling from cheek to cheek, feeling lucky as cheese but it’s not over yet.

Remember the goal is to ASK HER OUT; maybe to grab a drink/ice cream or to watch the latest movie you both have an interest in. Whatever it is, the aim is to ASK HER to go on at least one date with you.

So, that’s the idea right there, look for ways or opportunities to make her (your lady-to-be ?) feel special.

Remember, simply make a request, don’t demand that she goes out with you or else… No, she’s not a Toy! She’s got feelings too.

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And don’t forget to smile whether or not she says yes to your request.


Hmm, finally you may have really gotten lucky as cheese if she indeed said yes to your first and second dates.

Now, the time you’re been waiting for has finally come!

You’ve known each other now for a while and you are now fond of each other, just walk up to her and drop the BOMB ?!

“Hey Elizabeth, I like you and I don’t mean like you, I mean ‘like you, like you’ Would you be my girlfriend?”

BOOM ?! And wait for her response. And let me tell you one thing, she will ask, “Why? Like, why me? Why now?”

And when she does, don’t just tell her that she wants to hear, tell her exactly how you feel about her, how you dream about her and always long to see her again… every day!

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Be honest, be as transparent as water. Maintain eye contact if you can, she’d know how true your words are (which may seem cheesy).

And with this, I hope you find and get that special lady your heart desires and long all day for.

Have a great week ahead!

Be happy, and keep on smiling!

P.s. Ask your questions below if you have any.

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