Bookworm’s Dilemma: How to Choose the Perfect Read? 🤔📚

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Do you like me sometimes struggle with the thoughts of what to read next? Or what book should I invest my time into (either for pleasure or self development) this month?

I too used to be there – many years ago. And because I didn’t know what exactly to read or next month, I would mostly just pick up any book that looks “interesting” or that people are talking about a lot in my office and team.

And it was mostly overwhelming and just outright awful 😢. I couldn’t truly keep up or have to myself times where I’d implement these awesome techniques that I was learning hence, I wasn’t growing.

But, on the other hand when you see people saying they read over 107 books just in 2023 you be like, what is going on with me? Do they have two heads, why can’t I do just the same or more. But mehn… 😩

Fortunately, there was a leader in my network marketing business that spoke on this and stated that the best way to know what book to read next is to,

“Pick a book that targets the thing you want to improve in your life that moment and don’t stop reading it until you’re finished with it .”

Doesn’t that sound just right?

Here are more things to consider before picking your next book for the year 2024:

  • Personal Interest: Choose books based on your interests and passions, aligning with topics that captivate your curiosity.
  • Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or online communities to discover books that others have found valuable.
  • Author Familiarity: Consider reading books by authors whose previous works you enjoyed or who are recognized in the genre.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Check reviews and ratings on platforms like Goodreads to gauge the general reception of the book.
  • Book Blurbs: Read the synopsis or blurb to understand the premise and see if it resonates with your preferences.
  • Goals and Learning: Select books that align with your current goals or offer opportunities for personal or professional growth.
  • Variety: Introduce variety in your reading choices to explore different genres, perspectives, and writing styles.
  • Availability: Consider the availability of the book in your preferred format (e.g., paperback, ebook, audiobook) and choose accordingly.

Speaking of availability, comment below what format you prefer your books to be in? Mine is Audiobook for sure, I enjoy listening to my books whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. It helps me finish fast as I am a typical average reader :), so, what about you?

And that’s why I have started reading an awesome book (Atomic Habits by James Clear ) which was recommended to me by a friend and a writing accountability partner – one’s gotta keep on his/her toes and put in the work NO MATTER WHAT RIGHT?


If you would love to check this mind-blowing book, Atomic Habits and you don’t mind listening to it like I love to, then click here to start listening to it now 📖 .

And with this, I will see your beautiful smile on Wednesday for another awesome blog post from your truly, mi 😉

Be happy, keep on smiling and don’t forget to share your signature smile with the world 🤭💜.

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