Be Inspired: How To Master The Art Of Compound Effect ?.

Hi lovely reader, good morning. I hope your week has been going great??.

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How To Master The Art Of Compound Effect ?.

Today, i will be sharing a little something to help inspire your Tuesday and also help you achieve a lot this week; it’s not too late.

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What is compound effect?

This is simply a chain reaction to get the best results from whatever you lay your hands to do.

The Compound effect formula goes thus;



Every little thing you do, whatever your hands find doing, do it well. It may seem like a mountain that just cannot be moved (unless with faith in God?)…

  • Just Start doing something.
  • Keep doing it, be consistent in doing it. Even if it’s 1 hour everyday, be consistent and diligently do it.
  • Keep your interest (burning desire) in mind, and trust the process.
  • At the end your compound effect will be mind blowing because your result will tell its story.

And remember, no matter how small your stepping (baby steps) are, you are making a great difference in your own little way and soon your tiny drops of water will accumulate to a mighty ocean.

Don’t be afraid of the end result, remember all things are possible through God. Do your best always.

And have a wonderful Tuesday today.

Be happy, smile ?!

6 thoughts on “Be Inspired: How To Master The Art Of Compound Effect ?.”

  1. Thanks for this piece dear.
    It works like miracle…
    People avoid process because it involves lots of do this or that and the waiting…..
    But when you break huge task into chunks it becomes very to overcome your fear and succeed.

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