A Short Love Story – To Dearest Anonymous (E05) ?

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Dearest Anonymous,

There are many words I’d like to say to you: all from my heart… piece by piece

It is 01:14am and for some unknown reasons I have being sad and without smile ever since you hung up the call.

Weird, right?

This sadness enveloped me in its darkness all because I miss you so much.

It is exactly one week today since we last met and since I said “yes” to being your girlfriend – Mon 11 Oct, 2021.

It’s just one week and it feels like forever to me.

My Darling, I don’t want to say too much especially say words that will turn your handsome and beautiful face sad.


And please my baby, my baby anonymous, don’t ever forget that, okay?

Our minds may not be able to remember all the times we spent together (in details) but together, our hearts shall keep and remember our love for each other, and even last.

Baby, I know that as long as you are by my side, I can just be me, be beautiful, smile, act crazy, be goofy and still grow with you.

I miss your hands… my hands can’t even replace yours; its just NOT the same without you.

I miss your heart… beating in sync with mine

I miss your smile, 
I miss your lips, face, big nose, kisses

I miss your eyes, the way they watch my every move, so mesmerizing.

I miss your lips even teeth - oh, have I said that already?

Well, I meant it!

And most especially, I miss you!

I miss all of you everyday.

In the morning, the thought of you brings a smile on my sleepy face.

And before I go to bed too, I always think of you.

You’re indeed the best thing that ever happened to me 🙂

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