A Short Love Story: The Surprise – His Presence (E09) ?

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Today… Oh today…

He said, ” Hey baby, would it be okay if you went to campus earlier before you travel? I’d like it if you’d help me with something. Could you help me check out some places? I hope it won’t be too inconvenient for you.”

In my mind, I had two options…

Like, “what would he really want me to do for him. Go to the market? Or did his sis ask him to do something or was it his mom?”

Or is he coming to see me? I knew he could do such (because he’s crazy sometimes) but, I waved it off (Winifred get a hold of yourself, this is no romcom movie.)

~ ~ ~

I smiled and ran away in shock when I eventually saw him approach me…

I was like… “what?!”

Wow funny how today went…

Sadly, he is yet to get better from his illness 🙁

Indeed, I felt some atom of shame when that lecturer literally said, “C’mon get a room! This is a public place,” he exclaimed.

And we immediately seperated from each other… shame and sadness filled my entire being…

I couldn’t help but think, “what if I was not the girl… like I was just seeing the whole thing pay out before me… I’d probably laugh, and say, “awwn, poor things”

Or what if we get some privacy, you know, we wouldn’t have to face such embarrassments.

Today, we went back in time to the first time we met and surely there is no logical explanation about the way we feel for each other.

The bond… the connection

Yeah, we defined “us,” our relationship but now the question is, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF US MEETING?

What is the LORD’S purpose for us?

“But know babe, you have to be brave, be strong too because the purpose might not be in our favours.

But, it’s necessary to know!

~ ~ ~

Oh, the way you talk, think, in the same frequency… and speak… they hold much wisdom.

I’ll be brave… I’ll be strong too! We spoke about our dreams too..

Whether or not we stay together, I will always remember you and cherish what we have… I LOVE YOU!

Written on the 27th October, 2021

P.s. Have you ever kissed or held hands with your lover in public?

If yes, how did that go for you – how did you feel?

I mean, were you shy or infact scolded by a person to, “GET A ROOM?!”

I would appreciate if you share your story below, comment? and share ?!

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