A Short Love Story – The Rose Love (bonus eps) ?.

“Hey, we need to talk about our finances when we see, okay?” He said.

I sighed as my mind race through a list of things he could possibly mean by what he said. Finances? Does he want to tell me that I needed to work so the burden won’t be on him alone in the future? Or was he trying to say something else entirely?

Together we walked into a classroom filled with few art students who came around to study or get one or two things done, we brought out my laptop and some snacks (that wasn’t eaten eventually until back home). We started our date with a prayer and I couldn’t be more… glad, we did.

Sat close to each other, watching series of movies halfway through, skipping every possible part for some reasons best known to him. I leaned in, with one hand on his chest and another in his hand, entwined as the background music of the last movie credits played. I felt his lips near and his breath on my cheek so without a second thought, I kissed him and he kissed me back as though no one was watching. Shivers ran down my spine every time he drew me near.

With my eyes shut, I held my breath hoping no one was noticing or taking pictures.

Slowly, we drew apart, I felt my cheeks turn bright red so I bowed my head to avoid his gaze. He held my hand as though aware of the thoughts going through my head.

Soon I rested my head on his shoulders. He started singing “Asa – a place to be” in a low tone changing some of the lyrics to suite the moment. I listened closely smiling as he flowed smoothly with his words in the song as though he had planned it that way… so I knew it held a promise. What a beautiful voice, I thought.

Moments later, he said, “I want you to understand that its not that I’m not working, I am. And even know having a relationship can be expensive, I want to provide for you. Constantly.”

I only smiled back as I was speechless. All my life and with the guys I dated in the past, not a single one uttered such words. Who am I to be deserving of such a lovely guy? It felt unreal but yet it was happening right before my eyes, not in a movie or a novel but in my life. My own fairytale.

We continued to talk about every single thing possible, I played his guitar; which he named Angel, oh how much I wanted to scribble some words in ink on it but he wouldn’t let me so I gave up.

Our first date and I was already feeling comfortable with him, acting all goofy and falling heads over hiils for him.

“Our silence was comfortable.”

Signature – a sign of true love

It is true that all seems rosy at the moment, but will it last long or she too go chop her own breakfast?

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  1. The prose was engaging enough to be read through and had an exclamation point…
    Good writing really does make for good reading…

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