A Short Love Story – The First Date (E03) ☺.

WARNING: This episode is filled with emotions so you may proceed if you don’t want to feel emotional ?? (but if you listen, I can guarantee it will make you smile ? and remind you of your favorite person.) 

Hi lovely, being a fortnite since I last wrote to you, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long in expectant of the next episode.

However, before I proceed on to the next, here’s a link to the previous blog story of episode (02) and if you would like to listen to the episode straight away click here?!

Ah yes, if you were among the few lovelies that said I would say “Yes” to anonymous’ proposal, well you were right (I did say yes!)

And for the record its not because I am “cheap” or not a “hard girl” as some people would always think in a situationike this , but it was just because I wanted to, so I did (and It felt like my genrations depended on it or I just couldn’t resist??‍♀️.)

Either way, I said YES ??. Was it the best option or choice? I’m not sure. Was I sure I wouldn’t end up heartbroken? Well… only time will tell, right? All I did was follow my heart and it led me there ?.

The Storyline ??.

So, during the chatting period(s) between I and anonymous, figured we had lots of things in common (basically, I did)… _It feels all foggy now, I can’t remember everything but I will give it my best.

He and I went out to a department full of artworks done by students of Obafemi Awolowo University (I think the place is call “Old EDM”) and honestly it was an amazing experience.

We planned to watch movies together with my laptop and eat some snacks (but for some reasons we just never ate the snacks much. More like we lost appetite or something. Or the snacks were just boring ?. )

After taking a look at the beautiful artworks (which we both fancied) we walked into a classroom to watch the movies, do some coding (as he is a Tech Genuis ?) …he was teaching me but I just didn’t pick up a single thing, not one. And if I did, I have forgotten them now.


We watched movies like Freedance (2021), Home (the animation) and many others that he just skipped through as I had already watched them and he probably wasn’t interested ?. He played his guitar, he sang, while I listened and smiled from cheek-to-cheek (haha?), oh yeah we talked too (a lot?).

Then, while we were watching Home and we were at the credits section, it happened.

What happened? Find out by clicking here now!

You must have guessed what happened already but if you haven’t, here is the link to the next episode of “Signature Love Letters, do enjoy!


  • As a lady or a gentleman, when you see a girl you like and would love to ask her out, do not be afraid to shoot your shot!
  • But, also know, there are times you know you need to STOP, but if you haven’t even TRIED, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY.

With this few points of mine, do have a wonderful and productive week ahead ??!

P.S. Do not forget to comment below your thoughts or questions or contributions (as it is most welcome!) Feel free to share as well with your friends and favorite person??.

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