A Short Love Story – The Death Queue (E04) ☠️.

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The day went by like a breeze

As the wind blew over the roof of the building I was overwhelmed by the message I received from my sis.

I listened to her voice note about mom standing on the death queue and I broke down I tears

Trying to hide my face from the crowd, I cried uncontrollably and prayed; pouring my heart to Jehovah.

I knew I had to be stronger than ever now but I just couldn't believe my ears or imagine her gone. 

After series of cries, I stopped but still felt my heart was heavy and burdened and the tears kept on pouring…

However, I couldn’t hold it, the sadness overwhelmed me and he knew so…

He (anonymous) asked and called after I tried to ignore him. I called him back because I had bonus airtime and told him what was wrong.

He said, “let me tell you this and I know ut because HE affirmed it in my heart; your mother will not die, she is fine. I’m glad she’s not sad or down about it and neither is your sis.”

"Baby, please don't cry, nothing will happen to her. Its good you know and have being praying. Its just a scheme of the devil to attack, stop crying, don't show your weakness, be strong."

Anonymous, you encouraged me when I was down and when I thought nobody cared and that I was all alone God used you to comfort and strengthen me because the next moment of us talking, I started laughing sincerely and even dancing to no tune at all.

It was like the burden legr my shoulders and God took control. And the next day, my heart & mouth was filled with praise, I couldn’t keep quite, thank you ?.

Written ✍️: Wednesday Oct 13, 2021.

P.S. I hope you liked this way of delivery for the blog stories; just wanted to to try something new to make it even more interesting to you.

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