A Short Love Story – The Brief Meeting (E06) 😊

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Everytime, every single day and momemt we share together, it makes me realize “we’re made for each other?”

Oh, the peace in the silence as we sat together on the stair in sport complex.

The songs we ssng together… oh, I loved every single moment.

He drew me close at the a.t.m stand and said, “kiss me” …without warning he kissed me and abruptly drew back as we were in an open place.

He called me baby most times even in the public, I just smiled – what did I ever do to deserve you, sweetheart?

After the song came the peaceful silence then he said “can I kiss you?” -of course

And there have never being a day/time that we do not talk about the LORD.

Now I understand it was the right thing and not weird for Tobit and his Wife to pray on the night of there wedding.

“Babe, Christ wants to talk with you.” he said

I didn’t know when tears started welling up in your eyes. Thank you, my love; “Baby, it is not religion or Church, its Christ. It is God.”

He kissed me and said, “If God is for us who can be against us?” – oh, I pray the world is not agains us.

I have had such encounter with the heavenly Father too. He speaks my love language very well, He loves me even more than I could ever love you, Anonymous. Thank you, for today, for EVERYTHING.

He called my attention, pulled me towards himself as he sat on a chiar and whispered in ear, “you’re beautiful!”

There was a moment, you drew me close (again) as our lips met 3-4 times at once; I was thinking about that same thing, and it just happened, you did it with ease.

“Indeed, God works in ways we csnnot see,” he whispered.

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