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A Short Love Story: Remember Me (Eps13)?.

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Listen to the podcast version here
Listen to the podcast version here


You know, I must say this has been our first and longest call so far – lasted for 35mins and 7 seconds.

The best too.

Holding you close to me using my pillow as you spoke… unspoken words hold in just one phone call

I have so much to say, true…

But, first, thank you.

Your calling took courage and some of my questions too got answered.

I laughed again without you trying so much to make me laugh

“You make me feel like a coward of love,” he said.

Why? When your reason for breaking up is genuine.

“If we do stay together, loving each other, growing old together, bonding and having children also, living happily ever after… we would want them to know our father. I would tell them about Jesus and you, about God.”

” ‘I will find you…’ when the light from Jesus comes”

” I won’t preach Jesus to you, just to change you to Christianity but will do so that you shed light”

“And as to all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it,” he said again, “that is why I said, I will find you because I love you (please never doubt that.) And because I love you, I know I will find you.

Do you remember what you said on the bus the other night? ‘I will wait for you.’ Please remember me and know in your heart thaT I love you and that I will find you.”

“You make me feel like a coward of love because It is you I love, yet l left. Will I ever find someone like you?”

” It feels unfair, I know, there’s a way and that’s why I hope for light! There has to be a way because I love you.”

“If I didn’t leave now, it would hurt even more in the future. Our faith is a crucial part of our lives. And you know we bond really fast, so if I don’t do it now, it would be stronger and harder to break in the future.”

“Find me in the river,” he sang

And after a while of me protesting to make him stop, I joined him, “find me in the river…” “I’m waiting here for you,” he replied.

“I’m here loving you the way I can…”

“I… miss you!” he whispered “…and that’s why I called.”

…I’m speechless.

It’s all glad… “all is well!”

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