A Short Love Story – Meeting You Is Like… Fate (E07) ?.

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I guess it is true that no one really plan to fall in love with another. Sometimes it just happens.

In a deep breath, I know deep down that we will always be.

This is not from a song or book, I love you, Anonymous.

My writings might not really seem perfect or poetic… but, my love I want you to always know, no matter how far we may be from each other, my heart will always beat for you.

My body will always shiver to your sweet whispers of nothingness.

It would always arch when you kiss me, and this lips of mine shall know no one else until we meet again.

Oh, how I feel when I remember your touch, your patience when I talk my rubbish; your humble heart always willing to hear my suggestions.

My hands entwined in your arms… I don’t know how you do it but I always melt in them whenever we kiss…

Breathless. And the way you put your hands around my waist… it just feels right.

Everytime we see, the comfort I feel. With you, I can always let my guards down and just be me. “Its alright, babe!” You always say.

Many words I wish to say but my beloved, my baby (anonymous), you will always be mine and I will always be yours.

Our promises, our memories I know will live on as long as our hearts beat on.

They say, “there are many fishes in the river,” nonetheless, I know I will never find one like you. One with a heart like yours… or a smile like yours? I don’t even want to look or search if there exists one like you.

But I will always remember your forehead kisses you gave without me asking… and your sweet scent too.

Oh, my love, I’ll try… Yea, I’ll try to find my way back into your arms where I belong.

Remember, I’ll always love you… no matter what!

~ ~ ~

There are indeed many things and places we want to go together my love... please, wait for me!

P.S. This was inspired by a movie… I STILL BELIEVE. If you can relate to this episode, share it with your lover or friend, If you want this for yourself, share it and stay happy. Keep smiling ?!

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