A Short Love Story: Dearly Beloved – LOVE GONE (Ep 10) ?

Listen to the podcast episode right here 
Listen to the podcast episode right here 

Dearly Beloved,

Your love is so pure… you’ve shown me what I can be and so much more too.

Your touch I feel whenever I close my eyes… its alright, my baby.

"As beautiful as the sunset, as radiant as the morning sun... a lady of virtue and honour..." you said to me and yet YOU LEFT.

If I want to choose, I will choose you over and over again, without a doubt, in a single breath.

And, I know you will too. But, I guess its not up to us to choose who we want.

Two promises you said I should make to you:

  • Don’t Cry, “Keep on smiling!”
  • Live Life, ” Don’t let anybody tell you what you’re not, or bring you down. And if they are all against you, be for you.” ” Do what you love, hold fast to your belief, write stories, change people’s lives. Do you, even if i go… And if there is another, one who is so much better than me, please love him. Go for him, be with him. Be happy, smile.”

I may feel hurt right now… but I also am thankful for the “me” I have become with you by my side; the songs we shared, the laughter and, the memories too.

I am thankful for the day I met you, I was afraid but I am glad I took the chance.

I’m glad I loved you and most happy you loved me too.

~ ~ ~

Dearly Beloved, thank you for EVERYTHING.

…your smiles and the times we’ve shared together. This is indeed the best one month I’ve ever had, because of you.

However, I guess it wasn’t mesnt to be and if it was to be then maybe… just maybe, this wasn’t the time.

It is true that I will always love and ” never doubt the fact that I love” this is a phase (more like a passage way if I don’t share our story(s) ) that I NEVER want it to end.

Dearly Beloved, please be save, go out there into the world and do that which the LORD has called you to be/do.

It may not be me (even though I hope to be the one standing next to you always) however, whosoever she may be I want you to know that she would be lucky as cheese to have you

…and if she doesn’t know that, then please move on because even the blind can see that you are a man of good and sincere heart.

God is good, all the time and so I bless the day I first met you. 

Thank you for coming into my life and making me see the beauty I am both in and out, and helping me 10X my growth.

I choose you and I love you, always… together.

And know in your heart that you owe me nothing but your happiness.

So, don’t promise you’ll FIND ME! Cos, you already have.

Stay safe, my beloved.

Written: 1st November, 2021

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P.s. Love is sweet, but they say even the sweetest of things go away, right? Well… wrong. I believ that sometimes they STAY ?… let me come and be going before I start to cry – because of the slow instrumentals in my background… no other reason ?… Comment and Share your thoughts ?.

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