A Short Love Story – Date Cancelled (E08) ☹️

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Hmm… why is my heart beating so fast?

What is this feeling… this flush of blush on my cheeks whenever I remember your lips on mine and how you pinned me to the wall… then carried me up (saying I’m big… hmm)

I know, you know that I’m afraid

I ask myself sometimes… “am I being too needy of your attention?” Or, ” am I getting too close?”

Then I remember… I’m your girlfriend … I should be doing all that and more.

Yet, I’m so afraid

The fear of losing you is eating me up that I forget to be in the moment… in this brief moment… together with you!

It feels like everything is happening so fast and maybe I should just slow down to catch my breath – take a look around and the realize we just met 1 month ago…

Brief… even if its for this short moment… my love, I choose to cherish it.

I choose to spend just one minute with you, in your arms than not at all because of fear.

And yes, you are right, my dearest… I’m indeed afraid that what if we don’t last?

I mean one thing is, I get worried because I couldn’t be of help to you – with your work…

And I fear… what if I can’t see myself in your plans, dreams and aspirations – even if its just to stand by your side cheering you on.

Oh, I worry too much even for my liking… “I’m growing some old,” he said.

Yeah, I know! Maybe you should find someone else; who is much younger, smaller and prettier than I am...

Yeah, I told you… “be careful what you wish for… cause I have got issues too!”

~ ~ ~

Time is all that we need! Time will tell… Distance can’t seperate what we have. This bond is too strong; I feel it in my bones Only God can if He wants to. Cause… we never met before but one glance, one month and boom… Here we are!

I love you! Written: 26/10/21

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