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A Quick Reminder ( Read this before you begin your day?.)

Hey lovely, how are you doing?

You know I won’t lie to you, I have been sitting on my sit contemplating whether or not I should write this very short post to you.

Well, I guess I have 😉

To be very honest with you dear reader, I do not have a lot to say to you as my brain is literally almost fried ??‍♂️_I’m so tired.

However, I still had to go out of my way to do this because first, I love and enjoy writing to you, and secondly, this was on my To-do list ?.

***clears throat***

So, we are in the middle of the week; how have you been? No really, how is my favorite lovely reader doing so far?

I hope all has being well. Is it something you’d like to talk about? Remember, I’m here for you (literally just a dm away?.)

And about my week…

All has been well i guess. I mean, my emotions have just been all over the place and my mind can’t help but over-think as well.

And for some reason I wanted to reach out to someone, I knew I could trust and tell all my worries to but no one came to mind. And all I had to do was go back to my source and creator (God.)

Long story short, He handled it way better than I thought someone else would have (i mean of course right?) He is God.

He told me I should simply FOCUS; focus on things that matter and stop thinking about other distracting things.

Why am I telling you?

I understand it is my personal business and no one cares about it and whatnot. However, you must know this dear:


“No matter how hard it gets-lean not unto your own understanding or unto another man for than will lead you nowhere.

Rather, lean unto GOD!

Trust Him!

Allow Him to Lead the way!

Let Him do as He pleases because His thoughts for you is of good and not of evil to give you hope and a future.”

Read ?

ALSO, READ The Real Secret To Overcoming Loneliness. 

Stay safe my dear and if you want to reach out to me for anything at all, even to just say hi ?, I will attend to you hastily because you are special. Have a wonderful rest of the week ahead?!

Remember to be happy, smile always 🙂

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