5 Ways On How To Stay Happy Being Single ❤.

Being single sometimes can feel lonely, sad, and heartbreaking as though the end of the world has come but I bet you can relate, right?

So let me not bore you with what you already know and have experience in.

Today, I will be giving you just 5 tips on how you can turn all those frowns into smiles and how you too can benefit from singlehood.

In my last post, I explained what being “single” really means, click here to check it out now!

1. You get to spend more time discovering yourself;

Keeping a relationship, nurturing, and even growing your relationship can be time-consuming times but when you are out of the ship and unto the land, you get to use your time specifically for matters most.

For instance, though the relationship is over and you miss him/her badly, instead of whiling away time by crying and thinking, you could channel that little energy into meeting up with your great friends, reading a book, and pursuing your career goals and start making things happen!

Things like discovering yourself in singlehood would even help take your mind off that relationship.

2. You get to focus more on your studies or career goals

This cannot be over-emphasized, in the relationship, you might think your focus skill was top-notch until you find yourself smiling at the thought of him/her.

Yes, I know you can relate ?! However, being single can help you increase that focus more. You get to read when you want to, you also get to plan your life as you want and also achieve the goals you planned to get! Now that’s something, right??

3. You get over heartaches and headaches easily

Sincerely happy 🙂

Heartaches and headaches are inevitable when you are in a relationship with someone. I mean problem no dey finish, one minute all is fine and rosy, the next minute you see thorns in form of arguments and fights ?‍♂️!

But, one great benefit of being single is you get to stay away from heartaches and headaches. I mean you ride FREE now – like the wind!


4. You get to use your money for other things

Now, this may sound like I hate to love and want nothing to do with it (well, you are not completely wrong ?) but just go back in time to when you were still dating that fine boy/girl, you two loved each other – quite alright but at some point, you would like to go on a romantic date with this person so you squeeze out of your little change just to spend quality time with him/her.

But now you can think about yourself, spend on yourself, take yourself out and be happy. Awesome right?

5. You get to be happy doing the things you love

Sometimes, you and that special person may not share the same wants, likes, and dislikes and so just to make that person happy you go out of your way to please him/her by doing the things he/she loves most and not really thinking about yourself.

However, being single can make you discover what makes you happy and what you really find happiness in – it’s very important as one cannot truly love another unless he/she loves himself/herself first ?!

In conclusion, I hope with these few points of mine that I have been able to convince you that being single is not the end of the world but may just be the beginning of a new discovery ?❤.

Therefore, be happy, and keep on smiling ?!

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