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STORY: Once Upon A Time, True Love Found Me ✍️.

The story, Once Upon A Time…

One month ago, True love found me

Love loved me and wanted me

Love didn’t care if I was 2 years older

Or if l was ugly and boring…

Love cared for me.

Love made me see life… differently.

But today… True love left me

Love said I should live life without him.

Why… love?

I remember how love touched me, kissed and hugged me.

Promising to provide for me and always be mine.

“LOVE,” I called out, wishing he would turn around and say this was all a joke.

Some kinda prank he was bad at.

I remember how love was not ashamed to hold my hands in the public

But today, love let’s go.

Love said to me, “Let’s just…wait. Let our hearts search…”

To me, love said, “Goodbye.”

Maybe… just maybe, love found another…

Yet love said, “I will find you… Please ”

Love left me…

Love… these tears…

And as love said his last words…

All the memories of love came rushing

as tears came pouring.

And now, I realize I won’t see love again.

Things would NEVER be the same again without love??.

…In just one-month True love found me…

I have never seen love so sweet

and yet so short.

I long to hold love, And tell love how much he meant to me…

But he… left.

He left my messages on reading.

Love… I guess this is goodbye.

Goodbye, my dearest…

My beloved, please live life… live it right too.

Be happy…

And if we ever get to see again…

I hope to see you smiling big!

Yours forever,


Nov 1, 2021, Story of true love found me,

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