Re-blogging: Take A Quick Test, Find Out Your Love Language Now ❤️.

Hiii lovely?, how are you doing? I hope all is well and you’re trying your best to keep yourself happy, no matter how messed up this world is, right??

Great job, hang in there, you’ll be fine?

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Why am I doing this?

You see, I have being reposting this particular blog on my WhatsApp lately and it happened that not everyone had seen it.

And some were very much interested.

Also, I found out something recently.

A short and quick quiz/test to find your love language.

I know, you may already know of this and have even taken the test and have discovered your love language, or may be not.

Whatever the case may be, here it is, at the tips of your finger?.You may also say…

But who cares about love or even it’s language? It’s money you’re looking for, right?

Well, lovely, money isn’t everything sometimes. I’m not rushing or forcing you in to a relationship or whatever.

Rather I’m bringing this to you because, at some point in your life, you may need to know what love language speaks to you most and gets your love tank filled.

Besides, one can truly find a partner after making all the money he desires, if he truly knows and loves himself first.

Not forcing you, it’s your life, lovely ❤️!

After the test, what’s NEXT?

Simple! After you take the time to take the test/quiz, tell your partner what you had just discovered (if you have one), knowing fully well that if he wants to keep your love tank full and not empty…

Your love tank empty!

and also want to make you happy, he should be interested in knowing what it means and how it works too. And also don’t forget to ask nicely, and not demand rudely.

Afterwards, let him take the test too, learn his language as well.

This would not only build your relationship but deepen the love you have for each other?.


Check out my blog post which is a summary of how to express heartfelt emotions to your partner and keep the spark alive??.

Or better still, read the book, “The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.”

It has all you need.

So, don’t struggle anymore to understand your wife/GF, know her love language and speak it in the way she’d understand so that she’d feel loved and appreciate you more.



p.s. Comment below if you have read and have expressed love in your partners language before.

How was it?

What changed afterwards?

Also share to friends and family too, let them know, thank you ??.

Hey lovely, do have a great day and week ahead ?!

Be Strong?, stay happy!!! And don’t forget to always put on a genuine smile!

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