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Quietly Yours – Spoken Word Poetry by Signature Smile

This poem was inspired by movie called Persuasion but most especially the song that was played at the end – Quietly Yours by Birdy.

If you’d prefer to listen to the poetry as you read through, I have uploaded it unto my podcast just for you, click here to listen now and if you want to watch the video I created for it, any of my social media pages, I bet you’ll love it! Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

My love, 
I love a love that burns slow but sure
One that stands the passing of time as it’s passion grows more fierce each and every time

My Heart,
Can we promise to never let go?
to never let this love of ours be blocked by communication and distance

To never let it be unrequited
because we keep silent, waiting in hope

Mi Amor,
let hope be hopeful
longing for each other
holding close to our hearts
our memories unwavering
leaning and learning

Mi Corazón,
my heart aches for you
each movie, book and song reminds me of you
even to the old empty egg carton on my shelf and a banner in my street with your name boldly written on it, they never hesitate to remind me of you.

…of the soft kisses you placed on my lips while we slept next to each other

Easily my mind never fails to remind me of the way you looked deep into my eyes with so much sincerity and love

I have never had a love like this before - I have never had a guy look at me the way you do.

No, not once have I seen
a person captivate my heart, my mind, body and soul - all at once by his presence alone.

Everytime I see you, near or far
I become so giddy inside
And I smile so freely and it never falters to reach my eyes

My heart’s always filled with much joy, laughter and happiness
which makes it so easy to fall in love with you.

My Baby,
when I cried, prayed and asked God for someone - the one,
Never in my wildest did I think it would be someone like you.

Someone so caring,
so loving, smart
beautiful in every way

Someone that’d be so funny and understanding of me,
someone who’d be such a good listener, so genuinely interested.

Someone who’d be happy to have me by His side - knowing I’m more than enough in every way.

One who’d travel long distance just to clear out my overthinking thoughts and reassure me yet again that we’re gonna be okay.

Mi Alma,
I can’t tell you how much I think of you - day and night
holding hope close to heart
hoping that one day the love I have longed for so long
would be mine
like I am yours.

My Soul,
Never have I seen two hearts bear in sync for one another like ours
so, I tell you, no matter the distance, test and trials of time,
we’ll triumph
like they did in the days of old.

Quietly Yours,
Winnie :)

Comment below who came to your mind as you read, listened or watched this poem – hope you liked it as much as I do🤭💜! Be happy, smile 😊!

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