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POETRY: Love Is In The Air, Breathe In Love And Breathe Out Poetry?!



Hiii, lovely ❤, how are you doing today? I hope you are doing just fine?… be happy okay… all is well!

Through last week I was able to write 3 short poems (i don’t know if they’re good enough) but I hope for the BEST (yet prepare for the worst?).



The silence
The peace and the quiet
In a moment
Everything changes
From a simple goodbye.

We drift away
As our smiles begin to fade,
We forget.

I guess the hope isn’t enough
And neither is love.
And no matter how we try,
Everything’s changed.


what if I told you
I saw you in my dream
Last night?

What if I told you
I still smile from chin-to-chin
I smile from ear-to-ear
When do I think of you?

What if…
What if I told you
I still love you?
That part of me yearns for you
Every second?

What will you say?
Is it okay to feel this way?
Is it okay to fight for us?

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In short,
Remember that,
I will always love you.

I know, I know, you wish I could just keep ’em well maybe next time.

Tell me what you think about each of them in the comment section, I will definitely respond as soon I can… Thanks in advance ?!

In fact you can as well send me a message (feel free) if you want me to write a poem for you or your special person, I will do it for free… promise?❤!


But for now, that would be all. Thank you for coming to my (what do you call it again?) TED talk… hope to see you next time ??.

Be happy, Smile 🙂

P.S. Is it just me or does this poem sound rather sad than happy, broken rather than in love ?❤. Oh well… it’s all good!

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