A Short Love Story – So What’s Next? (E02) ?

Have you ever wondered this too like I have?

What comes after proposal day? 
I mean its obviously the planning for the wedding and all of the other “forever” things.
However, as a young adult and maybe teenager that may have gotten his/her heart broken a few times, or one who doesn’t really care – like myself ??,

what happens after he finally ask you out?

Before I go into more details about this episode of my secret love letters series, if you missed the last episode and would love to catch up, click here now!

Here in this new episode, after meeting anonymous and trying to wrap my mind in the moment , wondering “how can he be real and not a fairy-tale?” as I always thought…

We visited a museum and right there after roaming about and seeing all they had, he and I shared a heart to heart talk…

I mean before then i didn’t even think he was serious and if he even liked me until I caught him stealing glances at me, smiling.

Then, we sat together on the stairway and talked a lot about our families and exes…

…throwing questions at each other and answering in the same vain as a song from an animated movie played on his phone.

Suddenly, he asked, (funny enough I do not remember his exact words as he can be unpredictable a times so, I'll just paraphrase...) 

"would you be my girlfriend?" 

I was both shocked and surprised so I stared him in his eye and he didn’t even flinch – dead serious

he just asked me out, I almost screamed in my head.

With lots of thoughts going on in my mind at the same time, I just smiled and said I will think about it (as usual, right?)

Hence, this short proposal poetry podcast was birthed.

Click the link above to listen to episode 2 of “my love letters series.”

What do you think the response would be? Click here now to send your voice message or comment below!

In conclusion,  have a great week ahead, smile more and be happy lovely ??!

5 thoughts on “A Short Love Story – So What’s Next? (E02) ?”

  1. Xandrier West

    Wow swrs I really enjoyed every bit. Nice job Weldon. U see one thing we should always knw abt love is dt when it’s real, it’s real..?

  2. The response will be yes I would love to be your girlfriend but we have to take things slowly

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