5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Visit to See Your In-Laws 😍

DISCLAIMER: These tips are based on thoughts and other people’s experiences and not my experiences or professional experience.

Hey lovelies, being a minute right? Hope this meets you well 🤭💜.

I realized yesterday that we are in the last month of our Q1 of the year, how are those goals coming along?

And maybe one of your goals is to meet THE ONE this year and maybe even get married or maybe you like me, still single like a Pringle, I have got this special blog post for you.

I mean, a little preparation can’t hurt right?

I got inspired to create this blog post when I saw this videos from a mentor of mine. Check them out, here and here. Also, who knows what God’s plans for you? You just might get that long awaited change of status this year 😩😉.

Here goes:

1. Be Aware of Culture:

Truth is what Family A can condone, Family B might not take it lightly. For instance, if your partner is American, you can be sure to not kneel down to greet the elders but if they are Nigerian either from Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or any other culture, as a lady you know you must either kneel, or slightly squat when greeting your elders.

And if you’re a guy, you’re to prostrate and so on. So, be sure to know and ask your partner what his/her parents like and who they are. If they are pastors, you sure must dress and look the part.

Speaking of Dressing the part, let’s hop to the next point.

2. Dress as you want to be Addressed

First impression matters a lot to us, humans. So, if you think you aren’t going to prepare ahead of time for the occasion or your first introduction or meeting with the family, you joking.

E be like say you no one comot this single hood abi 😅.

So, as TheColorfulWoman (in the video links above) did when she was preparing to go see her fiancé’s mother who is also a pastor, she dressed up pretty modestly which is just the goal. Hope you get my drift 😏.

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3. Be Yourself – No Pretending Zone

I purposely didn’t want to start with this point at the beginning because you might end up being “too much” of yourself – haha 😂.

Be yourself and on that day of the visit, be the best part of yourself but don’t overdo yourself.

I mean, dress, act, eat, and behave like your usual self so you don’t have to always “put on an act” whenever your in-laws come around. Especially when you and your partner finally end up with each other. You gee 😉?

4. Present Little Gifts

If it’s a dinner date or any other occasion, try to not go empty handed o. And also, when considering the special gift, you can ask your partner for tips as they know there People better than you might.

This would especially help you so you don’t go overboard in getting the right gift then end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and maybe at the end, unappreciated ☹️.

5. Be helpful

At this point, almost everything might be a test from your in-laws to see if you are wife or husband material (200 yards 😅).

Well, that’s why you preparing ahead na 😏. So, when you are done giving the gifts to your In-Laws, do as much as possible to be gentle; sit where they say you should sit, don’t be walking up and down looking for what you don’t know and don’t get carried away pressing your phone, just sit calmly and be observing the surroundings.

Then, if the meal to be served is yet to be done, you can offer to help out and you can insist even when they might say no at first. Also, when the everyone is done eating, you can offer to wash the dishes and also clear the table, sound good 😊?

Lastly, don’t be afraid about anything. I believe as long as you are with the one you love and you know your in-laws are human being too that just want the very best for their son or daughter, it should come easy.

Now that I have pointed out a few tips to help prepare you for your first visit to your in-laws, I would like to know your thoughts, ideas and experiences you may also have on this topic.

The comment section is just for you, looking forward to your thoughts 🤭💜.

Thanks for sticking around to the end, lovely. Be happy, keep smiling ☺️.

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